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Franktown Mission Group – Feb 9-13

Remembering (by Carol Gillham)

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          I remember when I first heard about La Vida Mission.  The time was in the early ’80’s.  The student choir traveled to the Northwest, visiting churches.  Our church on the Southern Oregon coast  (Brookings) hosted the group and they stayed in the church school next door to us. What a blessing we received.  We were so impressed with the staff and the children that we wanted to visit their school, but it was too far away — “someday,” we told ourselves.  I still have the sand painting (on a plate) that they gave us when they left.  Little did I know that we would move to Colorado where we would be so close that we could actually visit the school.
         Then, just a few years ago we finally were actually able to visit the school.  Our youth group from Monte Vista (Colorado) planned a short mission trip to La Vida Mission.  They did fix-ups, painting, etc. and held a VBS, while I helped some in the kitchen and also helped to get the old computers back into working condition (they were quite archaic, but usable — I do hope they have been replaced by now).   If I remember correctly, we were networking the computers (Ethernet) and they actually had internet access but it was dial-up — oh, so slow!   Then my husband, Steve, was invited back to do a Week of Prayer a few months later.  That was the highlight of that year for us — getting to know and love the kids and leading them to Jesus.  We were thrilled when several of the kids made a decision to be baptized.  Another thing I really enjoyed was watching the students having fun taking pictures with my digital camera.
We are still impressed with the dedication of the staff who sacrifice to show and teach the children the love of Jesus.  Maybe someday when we retire (possibly not too far in the future) we will get to volunteer to help at the mission for a year or two.